Dream 2 from last night (or was it this morning?)

Date: 6/11/2017

By Zaveidfan123

My second dream, I seemed to see through the eyes of Maddie from Liv and Maddie...I guess that she was getting a Pokémon from this place...She chose a froakie and couldn't seem to work the Pokéball... Near the end of the dream, it became slightly lucid and I leapt toward the person who gave her the Pokémon. I was like, "Hi! I'm the owner of this body...Can I have a Pokémon?" The person asked me my name and I gave her my first and last name. Somehow, I knew that she was misspelling it and I sighed. I gave her my first name and she seemed to misspell it. As the dream ended, I tried to hurry and give her the correct spelling. The last thing I shouted in my dream before my youngest sister woke me up was, "GIVE ME AN EEVEE!!!" (Now I am going to write a fanfiction based on me actually getting my Pokémon...)