Date: 7/19/2017

By Chasakidreamer

So i was dreaming that there was twi light sparkle and stuff was there and like everything and then all the Alcorns went evil except twi so they went to Sparks for and so they were calling around and stuff and they got lost and so they were chase my stuff and they were attacked and like always other things at one point they were in the sky and they were just there and saw this on others box for it so they decide to go in it and it was dark and I had a lot of beautiful things but mostly eyes but they were like really pretty spider like glow he eyes and each one you are to the main six. And pinky was there and everything so they got another box and they have the walker on this thing and fake pony standing on each box and pinky kept saying "OH I like your spikes" until this one guy said it's not a "spike it's a ring trumpet thing" then I woke up