Digital art, Witness a dramatic encounter as a young girl and her friend attempt to outsmart her family in a city called Texas, a place that is actually in Hell.

Flew to Hell. And it was Texas.

Date: 7/24/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm at what is supposedly my grandparents house (on my moms side) but it's a huge mansion, nothing like anything they've ever lived in before. I have an intense urge to run away. I feel like someone is after me, sort of feels like it's my parents. I'm supposed to be meeting up with someone, and I need to get going. I walk to the back of the mansion, down a long corridor. The ceilings are tall, with ornate wooden arches that make me think of old time Catholic Churches, just wooden not stone. I step quietly out the door to the back deck. The mansion is built up on a mountain, and I can see more mountains in the distance. There's a really fancy pool on the deck, and the air is humid, but not sweltering, just a lot of moisture in the air. The clouds are fairly dark, but it isn't raining or storming. The house sounds quiet. My grandparents are somewhere, but I'm hoping they don't hear me leave. I take a running leap off the deck and fly out over the valley. The guy I was supposed to be meeting comes and joins me, saying he wasn't sure if I was going to make it. I tell him I'm good, but that I don't know how long I have until someone will notice I'm missing. I hear a shout, and we look back to the mansion and see my grandma on the deck, yelling and shaking her fists at me. My grandpa is getting my parents, who are evil looking and madder than all get out. My friend and I fly as hard as we can towards the ridge of mountains. Once we're there we'll have cover, we'll be safe. But until then, we're vulnerable and can be caught. (by flying Mounties who are the police and ride eagles) A storm is brewing. The mountains are getting closer, but it feels like we'll never get there. They feel eternally just out of reach. I look back. My family is gone, but that just means they're in pursuit. I just need to get over the mountains. Somehow I just know that laws are different on the other side. My family will have no right to make me go back with them if I get over the mountains. At last, me and the guy I'm with make it over the crest of the mountains. We fly for a bit until landing in the town square of a city. Everything is very dark, like there is no sky, the city just exists within this huge expanse of black. All the lights here are orange, like fire, and it's quite toasty. It's a very dry heat though, and that compared with the western vibe I'm getting from the architecture, I conclude that I'm in Texas. Not the "real" Texas, though, that's just what the city is called. I know that this place is actually called Hell, but locals call it Texas. I'm quite relieved. I don't care if I'm in hell. I'm safe. My evil family can't possibly find me here. Me and the guy feel safe enough that we agree to split up, to take care of whatever it is we need to take care of. I walk towards the fountain in the middle of the square and along the way see a friend from high school sitting in a wire cafe chair. "Hey!!" I say all excited. "Long time no see!" She's happy to see me, but isn't that enthusiastic otherwise. While blonde irl, she has dark brown, possibly black, hair. We walk together towards some buildings, reminiscing about old times. Then I hear a commotion behind me. It's my mom, and the rest of my family is not far behind. She looks impossibly angry, and like she's going to kill me. I'm afraid, and telling my friend that we need to leave--I can't let them take me back. The other "Texans" are all trying to tell my family to calm down, they can't be acting like that here. My mother doesn't care, she's just determined to get me. I'm grabbing my friends arm, begging her to do something. "Don't worry." My friend says. "I know how to handle this." Then her eyes flashed slick, jet black.