Robo Jenkins

Date: 5/9/2019

By meeuhduh

I was at a joint bday party at a Mormon church and I was filled with anxiety. Someone was making IG videos of weird songs saying they copied them from me but I never made those stupid songs. One was "Robo Jenkins" and it sounded like a Def Leppard or whatever that hair-metal band is that does the pour some sugar on me song...something about work and setting up jolly ranchers and I had unwrapped some watermelon ones and then realized that was dumb to unwrap them. Did not enjoy this dream very annoyed the whole time and very anxious lots of people around. Can't remember the rest besides a toilet was in my Aunt's room I guess her house was attached to this Momo church. Then C.(Sag) from work was trying to help me be social with these stupid people