Wait, I didn't want a baby

Date: 9/20/2019

By DaydreamRadio

I'm with my mom in a small shack we're vacationing in. Somehow, we're both pregnant, but not from anyone. Just pregnant. Neither of us wanted kids and so we weren't going to keep them. My mom didn't want people to know she was going to have an abortion so she wouldn't tell anyone where we were going. She was so subtle though that I missed her cue to join her. Suddenly, there's a baby crawling on the green, grassy hill in front of me through dandelions in wish stage and other weeds and wild plants. I looked at my mom and asked if she was mine. She said yes and I was confused. Looking at her, I told her I didn't want kids but realized that the decision had basically been made for me. Now, I'm stuck with the awful feeling of a choice that was made for me. The world goes on normally around me without regard for me. I'm not lonely or upset. I'm in shock and complete disbelief.