Plane Orgy

Date: 6/25/2017

By alexgemleod

On a plane ride to some place, it's a sex plane. Two hours in the air, six hours in a mansion and two hours return flight. we fly there, lots of making out but nothing serious throughout the plane, at least noticably. Get to the mansion and all is quiet the whole time, just drinking. With half an hour remaining at the mansion I say fuck it and walk back on to the plane where I see tons of people going at it. Couples, some solos, some threesomes and and some all out completely intertwined groups. No one is interested in me despite my efforts. So I begin to walk away and I see this skinny red head with some perky tits (still clothed), so I approach her. She is very reluctant at first but she is bored and I was there. She just got her nipples pierced, she asks me to press her nipples cause she enjoys the pain. She's super shy about it the whole encounter, but definitely a freak. One thing leads to another and I am licking her pussy like she's never experienced before. She's screaming, begging for me to finish her off but I stay down below and work my magic. Soon after she comes (like three or four times) we are told we have to deplane to get our bags and shit to fly back. I'm walking off the plane and she finally grabs my dick and starts tugging on it. She puts it back in my pants after a tease and I thought that was the end of that one. She thanks me for blowing her mind and let's me leave. We get off the plane and walk toward the mansion. When we approach the mansion there is a cleanup crew zipping up a long black bag. Oh fuck, my buddy brought a gun on this trip, did he kill someone, did he get shot, did someone shoot another with his gun, or was it completely unrelated? Shit, here comes forensics with a single bullet casing in an evidence bag. I ask what happened, someone was shot and killed, three suspects being searched and questioned right now. FUCK! Here comes my buddy, holding the gun for some reason with his hands up. Second suspect, random fellow. Third suspect, other friend... DAMNIT! They talk to the cops, turn over the gun and are released. We get our bags and they tell me the tale of what turned from a peaceful night to a homicide. Turns out it was self defense so they were off the hook and they asked me about the plane. I told them the story and they high-fived me. I enter the plane to see the girl I was having fun with crying and talking to the stewardess, she is torn apart because she wasn't finished yet and needed the extra two hours on the plane with me. The girl next to me said she would switch seats with miss red headed freak so we could continue. She sits next to me and as soon as we reach cruising altitude, she grabbed my head to push toward her shaved pussy. As I start to do work, the girl in front of me gets in the isle and pulls my pants down and starts to get busy as well. pretty soon, everyone in the area of the plane is watching. Red head is going crazy as she screams and moans. Eventually, she jumps on my dick and rides like there's no tomorrow. Bing, seatbelt lights are on, back to your seats for landing. Pit stop somewhere, we land in a crowded park on a side walk. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, we have had to stop for the night to fix an electrical problem, please enjoy your stay at this hotel on the airline" As I stand to grab my bag from the overhead storage bins, red head pulls down my pants and wraps her lips around my cock.... unfortunately, this is where I woke up.