Date: 8/5/2017

By cavliture

I converse with Dudley as I'm pissing on the edge of a caravan, the piss sprays all over my jeans, I must of been a little pissed myself. I later bump into Ylenia, she's seems upset, perhaps because we haven't been keeping in touch, I try my luck getting with her but like always it doesn't go smooth. she got hit by a car as she crossed a highway, she was alright. I later met her boyfriend, who looked like Ben from Decave, his name was feebo. He seemed cool. We hung out for a bit. As he left he said something along the lines of 'we should meet in real life'. This is where I realised I was dreaming. I wake up (false awakening) start running around, bump into brad running around. I told him that I met a guy in my dreams who appeared to be real. Brad said 'I guess you should store a dream journal and write down the fine details.' I then phoned feebo on FaceTime and explained that I met him in my dreams, I was spinning out that I actually got in touch with him, I then realised I was dreaming and asked 'who are you dude, you're in my dreams.' He didn't quite understand what was going on nor did I. The guy looked nothing like the cool feebo whom I met earlier on..