zombie dream

Date: 6/24/2017

By aleyae

I was working in what seemed to be like a sort of mall/home building and there were tons of other people in it and I came across people that were dead, it seemed like it was a part of life where the dead people were contained in other parts of the building but they eventually got loose, but mimicking their motions meant you could possible get them to not notice you, and that usually worked but eventually there were so many. there was some part of the dream where people were trying to find a way to excape from the place we were at and the people were ecattered all across the building. there was some buff looking guy who assumed himself leader and tried to take control of the situation. I remember screaming at him to pile everyone into one big room to protect ourselves and no one would listen and I kept the screaming going. I Remember one of my friends jaasiel being there and I was screaming at him too, over there he same issue. he kept looking at me with annoyance in his face and ignored me, refusing to listen. I switch to some other part of the dream where there's some very rich guy living in this building or has an office of some sort with a bullet and everything. I think I this point i have a birds eye view of what's going on. but idk. the rich guy opened this door into a room fillies either soke antique furniture but it's a very small and narrow room. he's telling his Butler this is his last stand. and this point I think I'm in the room with him. the rich guy leaves, leaving me and the Butler there. I remember late some people who I knew from the building came rushing into the room to try and save themselves and they all squeezed into the narrow room. at this point i know the room is an elevator, and I'm trying to save as many people as I can. I scream for everything to make space for more people to fit in. I push my way to the front of the room to the door and I tell the butler to get ready to push the elevator button. I ask.him what's gonna happen on the floors below us as we travel down? he says something like this isn't a game where we can just wait it out. we have to fight our way through. I dread this. the elevator starts travelling and we reach the bottom. the door opened and I burst through and run to the opposite side of the room. immediate ungulfed with zombies but I manage to fight them of with some wooden stake I find onto the ground. then I wake up.