Will and Chris, song, and strange white house

Date: 5/17/2017

By anonymous­čÉ▒

Two guys, one was Will, played either Speed of Sound or Clocks for me and I loved it so much and they just did it bc we were friends and I hugged Will but then instead of hugging whoever the other guy was I hugged the mic stand he used, although before he was on a piano. I remember I was outside in a courtyard doing something, and then it started playing and I went inside to a room full of people where it was playing, the source wasn't there though, so I went through a door to the right where they were playing in a long, black walls (and ceiling) room that was lit enough to see them clearly and the instruments but not much else. I was sooo happy. Didn't make much sense, but it was really nice to think someone would do that for me. Also, Will was smiling at me a lot and it was a really really good hug. I wish I could remember who the other guy was (probably young Chris, Viva era with the longer wavy hair). In a completely different part of the dream last night, a really toxic or something experiment pool with salt or something and a super weird and creepy designed house. Out of the windows, looking down there was nothing, like a bottomless pit. And the windows were facing outside, like a courtyard, where there was no nature visible but just another wall that was white with small old windows on it. One of the windows, I could see a porch to the right with some grass and trees and sky beyond it but that was it. So, looking down was like a bottomless, endless pit that I thought must be the dungeon. That part was super weird. Later in a completely different part, it was like the Stand, there were groups of survivors and I was leading one, I think. At some point, there was a really colorful world, a Spotify playlist of some sort and someone (or something) like Marty