Tinder Date Gone Wrong

Date: 5/23/2019

By Falcon1997

I'm a little fuzzy on the details. For some reason, my family and I were living in the student center of my undergrad school. I had a girl in my room and we were having sex and my father walked in. Then after we finished my whole family came and just sort of hung out. My mother wanted to go rent a movie or something and I just wanted privacy so I told her no. I left the room to go upstairs to find we were living beneath a fine dining restaurant. There people were dressed like a cross between West Point Cadets and knights. I saw a few people in high school whom I'd never really spoken too as waiters. I left the restaurant, walked around a bit. That's when I came back to the main plaza of the building and was told by my brother's friend that my tinder date had done a bit insane and had murdered some guy. Three him off a balcony. I was a bit bewildered and questioned it, but then shortly woke up. After going back to sleep I found myself in what seemed to be a video game. We, most of the other players, were each given an important item to evacuate. A few other players were hunting us. I ran down the hill and managed to sneak past the enemy players. I was the only one who made it to the evacuation point but was killed shortly thereafter.