GTA, L4D, Evil Parrot, Haunted Punch Out, "That Girl" fighting Mike Tyson. | 5 dreams

Date: 3/29/2017

By richilye

I was playing GTA, perhaps online, but it wasn't any GTA, it was a GTA especially created by my mind, the functions were the same, just the map and missions were different , the map was gigantic and you could take a plane to other maps. I don't remember much of what I did in this dream, but was more near the Country side. The main map has GTA Sa's Layout, but bigger and better. ------ Scene Change 🎬. ------ I was playing a Left 4 Dead Map with someone, there were all sorts of new enemies, perhaps I was playing L4D3. The layout of the map was normal, but different from the previous ones, we were going through Houses and yards. There was a hard part in which was the backyard of a house and the wall was down, opening way to enter the other house's back door. But lots of zombies came and killed us several times. Then we decided to play smart, he shoots the ones in the front and I shoot the ones in the back. I heard a Hunter coming, but it was a Jockey, the Hunter was hiding behind the door, after I killed the jockey, hunter tried to pin me down, butI pushed him and shot him. I was using some aort of sniper and a shotgun. All this time we were standing still in the same spot, trying to clear the way. I turned around to shoot the ones in the front, but turned back yo see if no more had come... Welp... There was a female Boomer, a Siren and 3 normal zombies there. I tried shooting them with the sniper while in close range, missed most shots. I quickly turned around to see how he was doing and when I turned back, there was a Horde now,lots of types of zombies. I then said " Last just blast through", he then said, "I found the sweet spot on this zombie, now I can kill it", I took a look and it was a fucking regenerator from Resident Evil 4, I told him to forget it and look wat was behind us, he saw it and we ran through the few ones in the front. We got to a room with a door, after running through the house, I closed the door and could hear the zombies hitting it and almost opening it, I kept holding it until I saw another door to my side, that was an extra door layer, it was blue and had 4 or 5 locks, I closed it and locked it, but the zombies were making the locks get loose. I then told him to open the next door fast, so the game would load the next area and erase the ones behind us. end. ---- Scene Change 🎬. ---- I was at my house, my dad is parrot was trying to escape from the bird cage, I got close and it tried to bite me, then I got annoyed and messed with him, this time his head stretched through the cage and nearly bit me, he then managed to squeeze himself through the grids and then came free, I got scared of him coming free and biting me. then I woke up because the fucking parrot was screaming in the morning... Then Fell asleep again. --- Scene Change 🎬. --- I was in a park, or an entertainment center, it was sorta abandoned , but everything was still working, lots of old arcade machines, pinbal and old games, the main attraction was a Hologram PunchOut game, one of the guys that was with me jumped inside it and activated it, he said he would beat Mike Tyson, then Mike Tyson appeared and he was really big, he K.O the guy in one punch and killed him, it was when me and another person noticed that the game was haunted or something. We walked around trying to find a way to shoot it down, the guy went missing. A girl appeared , I couldn't identify her because the place was very dark. She then jumped on the stage and wanted to fight Mike Tyson, I told her it was dangerous, but she didn't care, when she got there, I recognized her, as the stage was bright, it was "that girl" that appears in most of my dreams, she didn't care about dying. Mike Tyson rose up, he was gigantic, the fight started and he did a Chun-Li attack on her, using his arms, ahe evaded it and went full power on him, lots of punches and kicks to the face, no fighting techinique, she waa just spanking him at random. He then transformed into flyinf disks kr knives, around 3 of them, she blocked it, most of the time, she got hit once or twice, but that didn't mean a thing to her, soon as Mike Tyson assumed his normal form again, ahe Knocjed him Out of existence, pretty much. Scene change: [Redacted] End.