Train to Leeds in the 90s

Date: 2/22/2017

By emjaynehill

It was the late 90s (the time I was born) and I was on a train to Leeds, which took ridiculously long in comparison to real life. Me and my family were on it, but they were staying well away from me, for some reason. I had no phone or anything to listen to music on, so I just sat and looked out the window - until a stranger started talking to me. He had extremely blonde hair, that's all I remember. He passed me a cassette tape and said that he was dying to listen to music, too. Eventually he got up to use the bathroom and some girl sat in his place. The girl had brown hair, naturally beautiful. I'd never seen her before in my life. "Why are you talking to my boyfriend?" she said, in a threatening tone. I could have just told her that he sat in front of me and started talking to me, but for some reason I just didn't. I just sat there and took everything she said. It was all blank from there, I'm pretty sure we had a fight at one point, but the next thing I remember clearly is going to their house - I have no idea how or why we got there. The girl went to take a shower, so that just left me and the guy. He put his cassette tape in a big cassette tape player and blasted out Oasis. When the girl got out of the shower she asked him to play it again. Somehow, we got straight back on the train and I went home. But my home was in 2017; the TVs, the phones - everything was from the 2000s. I sat down and told my mum and dad all about how I held my very first cassette tape and how I really loved it. Then I woke up; how I travelled in time, I have no idea, but it was a funny dream.