my crush' sister

Date: 4/20/2019

By samxdream

So I don't know what my crush' sister look like.. but I was hanging out with my friends (in the dream they where people I've never met) and I go inside the house and I see a friend of mine cry, it's the girl. I ask her hey what's wrong, and she just shrugs it off.. I try to help her but she gets mad.. Eventually she tells me, her family won't accept her sexuality if she came out. And I say: maybe they won't but I will, I would date you in a heartbeat. We love bi sexuality here... She gets mad again: I'm not bi I'm lesbian... I panic and say: that's also fine, but who won't accept it.. I put my hand on her cheek and she looks down... "well", she said "I'm sure my parents would be good but my brothers Lucas and..." Here I panic. I pull my hand back "Lucas?" I ask in despair. "yeah, Lucas and..." "Thomas" we say at the same time.. I lift my hand and look at the ceiling "why do I always fall for this family" she laughs a cute laugh... and I wake up.