kidnapped sagoon & sack throwing

Date: 1/25/2017

By pea-p0d

Sagoon was afraid of dogs and so she was running from one when somebody kidnapped her. I tried to find people to help me go save her but Muskan and the 'mama that drove us from Kathmandu to damak wouldn't help us because they had too many sacks in their car they kept saying they if they had one less sack they would totally drive us around and help us find sagoon so this random guy that I found to help me find my sister literately took a sack from their car and threw it off a bridge and we got our ride. The driving was really scary bc the ppl were mad we threw away their sack but for some reason I was like oh I won't die because this is just a movie I know wtf and the dream ended with me in the movie theater telling my editor to cut the scenes with my foot in it????? I don't know.... Who tf edits their movie in a theater what the fuck I'm so what