Date: 8/18/2017

By xJGBxTipsy

I was at a small concert and things we're getting out of hand with the drinking and partying. this includes the band who was starting fires. I loved it, so I went to get my beer filled up. on the way to get a beer I had to walk through an apartment room that had about 3 full family in it. one had a huge python. I'm not scared of snakes so whatever. except I noticed that it was acting strange towards me. it has my smell and it wanted me. as I got to the door is grabbed me by the ankle, never constricting, and then I got ahold of it's head and it got me right on the knuckle of my thumb. the pain was intense, but once it's long fangs bit down and I watched them slide right through the bone I couldn't help but scream from the pain. it was unbearable, it was so bad that I believe that the pain is what eventually woke me up.