Crocodile King

Date: 1/25/2017

By Jasmine0317

I started out as Timothy Treadwell (the Grizzly Man), and I was trying to catch the crocodiles king with Elise (Raw Alignment). I switched to POV of Elise & comforted Timothy when we found a dying crocodile under a log. I helped him get it out from under there. Later we found the crocodile king, which was actually female in voice. She spoke to us telepathically & it sounded like she and Timothy had already been friends. He asked her why she spoke to him & she said it was because he was different; he was kind. Then suddenly I was still in the POV of Elise & Timothy at the same time, standing where we had left the dead crocodile. I could see Timothy with some other college age guys, on the other side of the passage, but something seemed off to me. Since I was in both their minds, I knew Timothy & Elise were both confused because we knew once he neared me he would be able to see the spot where Elise was, but she wouldn't be there & neither would the disarray from moving the crocodile. We realized that we were in different time periods, & that this was a dream. I woke up to find me as myself, laying on a chair in a large metallic hospital room. Timothy was all burnt up and laying on a hospital bed made of ice with metal panels on the side. There was another man in the room with us, on a metal bed that came out of the wall. The bed was just above my head & to my left as I was sitting. Timothy & I both noticed a crocodile belt was hanging from a hook over HE was the crocodile king, & I knew Timothy wanted to take the belt & claim it as his own to win the title, but he was too ill so I decided to take it for him. I snuck up, grabbed it, & ran out the doors, down the flight of steps. I could hear the man behind me. I threw the belt, hoping it would be enough to make him stop following me, but then I heard him say that boys always give the thing back & try to run away. I got to the bottom of the stairs & there were two doors, a normal shaped one & a small hatch shaped one. Both were locked. I ran up the stairs as I heard the footsteps closing in. I waited for the man to round the corner so that I could jump over him, but I landed on the escalator handle accidentally & ended up running as fast as I could but only managing to stay in place. I think the man was about to catch me when I woke up.