43. Some wierd shit... my normal kind of dream 🏚😶💣😨💥😱

Date: 3/26/2017

By Raul

I'm in a school building , taking a piss in the bathroom then I black out.. I open my eyes and find that I am in a near by abandoned building🏚. The dors are locked, I need to go to the roof and use the exterior stairs. Its dark and hard to see ( it's usualy like this in my dreams). There are young monsters runing around in the building and it's hard to get around them without geting atacked. I reach the last flor and there is a costume party full of kids. They trap me and tie me up, sayng that I'm a spy and they're going to kill me. One of them (a girl) licks my balls and winks at me😶. She takes off her jaket and reveals she has a lot of dynamite and bombs straped on her💣😲. She explodes💥 and I am floating in a vast white space😵... geting scared of being dead and fading into nothingness😨...and I wake up😧.