Scary clowns, being chased

Date: 1/18/2017

By GreenPanda95

I was with a group of random people. there was a big soft play which was in a building. There was lots of water outside, I was on a small boat or raft with others, we got to land and walked up a steep hill which led to a circus. When we realised where we ended up we were scared! it was dark and creepy. We hid under a bricked shelter (like a bridge) at the top of the pathed hill. Scary Clowns and other monsters appeared, ghost like, disappearing and appearing around us. I ran, the people I was with froze and I had to get out as quick as possible, running through the soft play area going through the tunnels and they were chasing me, things were setting on fire and I was running through corridors, I don't know if I got out as I woke up. Think I had another dream that I was at my dads but can't remember what else happened