lucid parasite

Date: 2/23/2017

By lucid Bushugi

I was in school and I had this parasite that makes you wanna kill people and infect them. I was walking towards the lunch room and I was knudging all the teachers with my shoulder to try and piss them off. a dean stopped me after calling me several times. He told me that i have to go to the dean's office for violent behavior (my school is ode pussy). I asked him why and he turned into my friend, i picked him up and threw him down. I tried to infect him but I didnt. I then forgot about the parasite and we were boxing in the hallways. I realized i was dreaming and said it outloud. The people in the hallway heard me and started walking towards me quickly. I got startled and made a run or it. I woke up before I could leave the building.