Lost at super mall

Date: 8/15/2019

By lauriemae

Went to meet mom and dad at the super mall. I had gotten a new car, a Mazda sports car. i wanted to show off. I parked right in front if the elevator but didn't see what level. There were 14 levels. We went to some sort of show. Grandpa smith and josh were also with us and a couple other people. For sone reason dad hung onto my phone. When it was time to leave i couldn't find my car. We even split up to find it. There were multiple elevators so i was going to each floor and walking all around. Some levels, i had to walk iutside and theough anither building to get to the garage. I rembered soinf this, so that helped ro narriw down where i had parked. There wwre also se really fancy elevators and i knew i disnt takw ine if those. I took a crappier one. after a lot of hunting without success, i met back up with mom and dad. I tried to look up Google maps to see if it showed which entrance i came in to make it easier to find my car. Dad downloaded some games and maps was gone. I had to try a few times to get it downloaded again. Then i couldn't get it to work. I remembered that most if the spots were parallel, but my spot was different. We (dont remember who I was with i kept changing who I was with after meeting up a few times.) Foumd one place where yiu has to walk across some wickee tables. Also a spot that we had to walk up a big rocks and dirt hillI. When i was with Grandpa smith, i told him how much i loved him ams i missed him so much when we thought he was dead. I asked security guards and woke up never finding my car.