Being a wild teen

Date: 2/26/2019

By fannypack

I dreamt i was in the hospital i'm currently in irl. We are not allowed to hare food in here but in my dream i hid dark chocolate under my beddings while i was sleeping and made sure it wouldn't drip all over my bed. My dilemma was that i was afraid to ask the nurses if i could have one extra bread plus one extra butter slice at breakfast, but i'm very shy and that took a long ass time, i waited in the corridors. While i was waiting my friends came to get me so we would go smoke outside. Someone suddenly had the idea to sneak put the hospital and come back the day after at sunrise so no one would notice. We all went together but i felt really bad doing that so went back to the hospital and told all the nurses about it, i'm such a bitch lol. They got expelled from the hospital because of it. The day after i got a ticket that allows me to go out for the day so i went shopping and found out that there were friggin turtles inside of croissant boxes, i was shooketh and wanted to save em but it was impossible. When i went back to the hospital everyone told me the girls were gonna kill me for telling the nurses so i put my acting mode on and everytime id meet one of them id be like "oh no what happened who even told the nurses? are u leaving??" . I feel bad for that irl not gonna lie but oh well