Vegan Breakup

Date: 8/3/2017

By NiceDream

The other night I dreamed that I was dating a girl that I know online who I've never actually met IRL. She's quite pretty and has a great music taste but is in a serious relationship. Also I have nothing against vegans but she's bordering on being obsessed with animals if you ask me. Anyway I've never really thought about her in that way and I was understandably surprised that she was interested in me in the dream. It turned out that she'd broken up with her bf after many years and was incredibly upset so it must have been a pretty big falling out. The reason? He didn't love animals as much as she did. I can't remember the exact details but she'd broken up with him for a ridiculously silly reason like he didn't put enough heart emojis on a picture of a cow or something. I couldn't help but laugh when I woke up 😅