Kinda lucid?&

Date: 8/11/2019

By KawaiiVixen09

I was at my grandmas place and I had a bunch of bees in a bag. I thought they were dead. I accidentally opened it and they all flew out, one was glowing. I ran into a hallway and transformed into a panther and started to run upstairs, looking for the bees. But at the top of the stairs was a wild wolf that started to chase me. I ran into the bathroom. It followed me in. It tried biting me but I shoved a garbage can In its mouth and ran away. I turned back to normal and walked to the living room “wait this is a freaking dream.” I stopped. “Well Im gonna fly I guess.” I start to levitate and I guess I’m not very confident because I kinda lose balance and fall back down. Then I woke up.