Disney Dating

Date: 8/3/2017

By nightwolf

I was at Disney World with my family and Disney had started this "ride" that was a dating / matchmaking service. We decided to try it; even though people though it might be dumb, we also agreed it might be funny. As we were waiting in line I was nervous there wouldn't be enough people and I'd have to go on a date with someone a way different age than me. A girl in my family got to pick the stops for the date on a screen, guided by a Disney staff member. She picked maybe a dozen stops in a route that went through several cities. I realized this was going to take all day and that I'd miss the chance to go on other rides. A few of us met at my grandmother's house to get ready but realized we had to plan a heist. For this to work we needed body doubles for me and the girl who was also a real life princess, plus we needed a duplicate of her phone that looked the same in case it had monitoring software. We got a duplicate phone that was the same model (a big flat pink phone with gold hardware that opened like a notebook) but the gold looked too new. I lamented that if only I had my warhammer paint I could make it match. We decided it was close enough. We made the plan then hid in the guest bedroom. Soon my body double arrived with the people we had to trick, pretending to be me. I had to swap places with them and join the fray, but it turned out the double looked nothing like me. They were tall but not as tall--had long hair but not in the same style. They had already convinced everyone that's what I look like now. I decided I would have to pretend to be sick. It was risky but it was better than ruining the plan. The princess went out and everyone asked how I had been lately. She was nervous because of the change in the plan so she didn't say much.