This happened in real life after the dream.

Date: 8/11/2017

By TotalWeabz

* I DON'T REMEMBER WHEN I HAD THIS DREAM, BUT IT'S PRETTY RECENT* (Backstory: in real life, I live with my dad, stepmom, two brothers, and a stepbrother. My stepmom is very strict, and there's a general rule my stepmom made: no devices after 9 pm. We have to take them out of our rooms to the living room. My younger brother is a troublemaker, and has gotten in so much trouble, that he's not allowed to use any device whatsoever. However, he's gone and snuck away with my own devices, my older brother's devices, and my stepbrother's devices at night repeatedly.) I don't remember most of the dream. From what I remember, during the night my older brother went and took my stepmom's tablet for god knows what. (It was strange to me because he already has his own devices, and you'd expect my younger brother to be the one to do that from what I told you in the backstory). So for whatever reason, my old bro brought her tablet into my room. I was freaking out at him because I didn't want to get in trouble for god knows what he was trying to do. And at that moment the the owner herself came into my room and asked me where her tablet was. On impulse, I hid her tablet under my blanket and feigned ignorance until she left. After she left, I think I gave the tablet back to my brother and gave him a very stern warning. That's where the dream ends because, my stepmom came to my room very late at night, woke me up, and asked me where her tablet was. I was confused and told her that I didn't take it. She looked around my room for a bit before she left, and I went back to sleep. Later on in the morning, it turns out that my younger brother had been the one that snook off with her tablet during the night. Everyone one was shocked because we didn't think that he would dare to take her tablet. I was especially shocked since I had a very similar dream to the incident the same night. Of course, he got in some serious trouble after that.