Party, On Set!

Date: 2/5/2019

By Siren88

This is two separate dreams together. At first, I'm invited to this guys party. I remember his name- Brandon. Brandon is usually the name I use for my 'dream guy.' His friends are a group of, what I call, basics at my school. Their names are Lars and Jake. My friend, Erin, went at little ahead of me. When I get there, I go to an empty room and change into a different shirt and pair of shorts. My sister, Jordan, is texting me throughout this. At on point, a 'mean girl' comes inside the room I'm in. She looks at my phone, reading a text Jordan sent me as I was taking off my clothes. She made a remark to me, something about being nervous, before going out. I looked at the text myself, and Jordan texted me about me being nervous, which I am. I text her back 'Great timing,' sarcastically of course, and explain to her what happened. After that, I go down and try to find Brandon. I eventually find him hanging out with Lars and Jake. Trying to be brave. I go up and talk to him. ~~ That's where the dreams shifts to the other. This was on a set of a movie. I feel strongly that it was continuing another dream I had previously a different night. I was with Jordan and we are in our middle school's auditorium. We each had a part, and I think our parts are equal- both of us having a little bit of speaking lines. There was a bunch of props on stage, and three guys. All of them are actors, but one is also the director. It was like a 'choose your romance' where you could pike what guy you like best.