Sweeney Todd Gameshow Host

Date: 6/22/2019

By jikook69

It's like I was on a gameshow, with only one camera, but it felt like a cult, and mysteriously a lot of the male contestants started going missing, so that only the girls were left. It was like a couple who was taking care of us in their old creaky home and had us do the most daring and disgusting things. If you didn't participate you were out, and missed your chance to win a million dollars. Finally the remaining girls were starting to get suspicious when the couple told us they gave us 10 minutes to start eating a piece of mystery meat from body parts which looked vaguely human. The man had a malicious smile as he told us if we were not done by the time, the time was called that he'd have no choice but to punish us. We started debating among ourselves all deciding that this was going too far, and that we wouldn't do it. But the man and his wife came out with guns 2 minutes before time was up and gave us chilling smiles. I forced myself to swallow the meat and he checked my mouth to make sure I had, and let me go inside, while the other girls still tried to finish theirs. I ran to the bathroom and out my fingers in my mouth to induce vomit, and did my best to empty my stomach. What I didn't know was the man was watching me the entire time, he had a knife at hand. I watched in horror as he yanked my up by the hair and slammed me into the wall. "You ungrateful little. After all my effort to cook you that meal, had to cut up, and prepare that meat too y'know." Suddenly I was third person, observing the scene and It was like a videogame screen that read, 'GAMEOVER'. As I watched in gory details the man cut up my limbs, keeping me alive to feel the severing of each one until I passed out from the bloodloss.