Self Defense

Date: 8/2/2019

By moonchild957

In my dream, I been getting threats from a guy at school. Telling me he would kill me, that my life will end soon enough, yadda yadda. Throughout the whole ordeal in the dream my boyfriend comforted me and was there to protect me. The guy winded up getting arrested and I thought that was the end of my worries. That night I snuck my boyfriend in my room and we were cuddling in bed, he was hugging me close and it was just very loving. He would call me beautiful and stare me in the eyes, the usual lovey dovey things. Then something switched in him, I sat up and looked at him, growing antsy. He sat up, looked at me and said, "I wanted to kill you". I tried to blow it off as a joke, but easily shown my discomfort. I looked back at him and he just didn't crack a smile or laugh, he looked at me with intent, he was serious. I started growing upset and told him I loved him and soon started crying. It seemed to register in his head and responded with, "oh yeah, I love you too". He grabbed my hands, holding them tightly saying things like, "I've always wondered how'd you look if I choked you, those eyes rolling back". It seemed like forever that he kept on saying these gruesome things. I pulled myself away and ran for my door, he winded up grabbing me and pulling me back. I kicked and screamed, full panic mode. I seen my pocket knife was at my bookshelf so I reached it and almost barely got it. I switched the blade and winded up stabbing my boyfriend over and over again while sobbing then stopped and called the police. In hopes he would make it, he didn't. Then I woke up oop