Troye Sivan!

Date: 8/31/2016

By laramc

On this holiday, I met Troye Sivan, however not only did I see him, or meet him. I somehow ended up in a long car trip with him, me and him were in the backseat. Now most 'fan girls' would try to take this as an opportunity, but me being me was so excited all I could do was talk to him, take pictures and hand him a drawing I had made. I was SO happy I almost cried. He was being so cool with everything and even sang along to the songs on the radio. I remember taking a selfie with him in snapchat, and thinking about how I looked so weird and even ugly. I brushed it off thinking it was just me standing next to this Angel of a human being ;). Also, me, knowing he was gay, did not try anything with him, instead asked him for advice with my crush, and asked him questions about his, promising to keep these secret. When I woke up, I was honestly so sad I didn't meet him in real life, ONE DAY TROYE, ONE DAY!