Jhope Dream

Date: 2/6/2019

By itspecon

I had a dream that I was on a cruise and all of bts was there. I didn't talk to them a lot except when hobi offered to set up chairs with me and we talked about how different America is from south Korea. He had really good english, but then he had to go. I didn't see him again UNTIL this guy was harassing me and my friends and hobi popped up and "very nicely" told the dude to leave us alone. After we walked away, I hugged hobi, but he put his arm around my waist and started walking, so I went with him too. We walked around a lot, but then all of bts (besides hobi) were in a room and they called him in just as we walked by so we had to say goodbye. Then my teacher called us into a room opposite of bts' room, and all of the people on the cruise in our group (i think it was a school trip) were there. We got some sort of speech on not to play with guns, and then I woke up