Dog In The Wrong Hollywood

Date: 3/25/2017

By incurableflame

I had a dream me and my brother were grounded for fighting (I don't even have a brother), even though it was just playful banter, we were pretty badly scolded. We each had our room next to each other, so when I opened my window, I could see him. At that moment we both, pretty telepathically, decided to run away from home. We jumped out the window, I followed my brother, before I realized we were turned into dogs, who each could communicate with each other telepathically. We reached the side of the road, sniffing and stuff, when Morgan Freeman pulled over and asked "do you guys know if Hollywood is nearby?" then I looked at him and said "you're looking for the wrong Hollywood, sir. The Hollywood you're looking for is on the other side of the country. Now you'd best turn back unless you want to be disappointed." I keep going along the road, separating from my brother, and enter a city. I realize I have to find a way to turn back into human. I see John Green on the other side of the road as he is leaving work and for some reason I immediately just KNOW he can help me. I lost track of him in the city though, and didn't find him before I woke up.