My Algebra Teacher

Date: 3/28/2019

By katherinepak

ok so like it started off in my first period class which is Algebra &’ I was sitting with my friend ( Brenda ) &’ it was only me &’ her from my actual period class like there were mad strangers. Okay so Brenda was asking Mr.Mintz ( my teacher ) something about the work and I was listening &’ ( ok this part fucking weird ) she was like bent over the table &’ like moving her butt ( not on purpose tho ) &’ his eyes opened, like he was mad shook, then he like covered his crotch and ran to his desk. So I was like confused &’ me &’ Brenda looked at each other &’ he kept on looking at Brenda but he didn’t notice me staring at him. Then THIS NIGGA PULLS OUT HIS FUCKING DICK BRO, HIS FUCKING DICK AND STARTED WIGGLING IT AT BRENDA. So at this point I’m like BITCHWHATAFAWK &’ Brenda is like literally traumatized so she doesn’t do nothing but look at me. So bro I get up so fucking fast and scream out “ NIGGGGGAAA WHATAFAWK IS WRONG WITH YOU “ &’ he fucking flinches so hard &’ puts his dick away mad fast &’ I start screaming about what this nigga did &’ everyone turns around &’ starts yelling at him &’ throwing shit at him &’ he looks so terrified but then he gets arrested &’ I woke up