corporate faith

Date: 2/14/2017

By Squids

had a dream last night that my parents got a new pastor in their church and somehow convinced me to go with them. now i dont go to church anymore due to how i feel about the church and how they do a lot of things, but sice i stopped my family has been very pushy about me going back. my dad for instance regularly sends me bible verses as if that will somehow make me want to go back. anyway, in the dream i went to the church and met with the new pastor and immediately had a visceral gut feeling that he was bad (i've been able to pick up on things like that since i was young). i kept trying to tell my family that there was something deeply wrong about him but they refused to listen and i stormed out saying "fuck you, i know what you're up to " to the pastor. i tried to run away but as it turned out, the pastor had people out doing his bidding and sent them after me to kill me and keep me from telling people about him. i dont really remember the rest of the dream other than me trying and succeeding at trying to evade the people he sent after me.