Chinese restaurant

Date: 8/2/2017

By laurenl98

So I had an argument with my mom which isn't that uncommon but she wanted to road trip somewhere desolate and weird like the middle of the country where nothing really happens. Keep in mind this is literally normal behavior for me and my mom she'll wanna do some shit like that and I'll be like "ehh do we have to" but I also have mad fomo so I'll go do it with her anyway. So we get in the car. For some reason she's picking me up at like a big parking lot idk why I must have come from doing something else before that in dream time but I can't figure out what it was. Probably why I was irritated. Anyway so we are driving and it's already evening when we start and it gets to night time. We enter like Texas or some shit in the middle of the country Ohio or something (idk the earth location wasn't rly precise) and she is really craving a Chinese buffet. Now I am also a huge fan of Chinese buffets so I'm down and we drive a little while looking for one. We find one in the middle of nowhere and decide it's better than nothing so we stop and walk in. I remember my middle sister was with me (also weird and I should've known it was a dream at that point) but then there's a strange British man with a handlebar mustache and a top hat and he's got big glasses and looks all sorts of 1800's like. So he greets us and we're like "wtf. We wanted Chinese food" but he's like "yesss yes this is Chinese buffet come in" and he takes us upstairs. There's like a giant Chinese buffet table and so we are all like "oh ok. Dope. It rly IS a Chinese buffet" and we have problems sitting down cuz I don't wanna be at the spot that is hard to get out of in case I have to go to the bathroom but then the other seats are too far away. Eventually we decided to sit with me on the right hand half closer to the door (table was oval shaped and took up the whole room so there was rly no room around the table) and my sister sat next to me at the end of the oval and my mom sat across from me. There was no one on the left hand side of the oval but it was fine. It was like a private dining room experience. So the crazy 1800's British guy is like "dont worry about ordering I will give you all the food you can eat" and we're like "dopee it's a buffet AND we don't have to leave our seats." So he's got like TONS of egg rolls. And I fuckin LOVE egg rolls. Deadass. But these egg rolls all have different stuff on top of them like chocolate chips on top of one and then like marshmallows on top of another like general stuff u should not have on egg rolls. And some have cinnamon and it's weird but I'm over there shoveling my mouth full of them cuz even in my dream I guess my subconscious loves egg rolls too. And we wait for the British guy to come back bc I'm full of egg rolls and my mom and sister are waiting for more food to come out and suddenly we realize it's been like three hours of eating egg rolls and sitting in silence. During this time I realize I've felt something cold and it felt like something was like a shadow in my peripheral vision and I couldn't see what it was but I just assumed the walls were rly decorated. Well we tried to say stuff to each other (my mom and I) but then we realized we had a hard time talking too. Like physically couldn't make words. And my mom said the place was haunted. I thought she was wrong and I thought it was like a magic thing or a spell we had to escape. She looked scared as hell tho so I couldn't argue and suddenly the thing I saw out of my peripheral vision basically became this giant cross figure dressed with clothes like a old timey scarecrow and it fell a little and hovered over me and it had a kkk hood on it and suddenly it was very cold and I also saw hundreds of the hooded scarecrow things and they were all whirling away around me and I was losing my grip on reality and my mom and sister couldn't see them but I could and I could feel them and so I screamed and grabbed my moms arm from across the table and she was right. The place was haunted as fuck and after what seemed like a while of haunted kkk scarecrows whirling around me they stopped but I could still feel their presence in my periphery and so I got up and walked out the door to find that old British man cuz he fuckin abandoned us and I just wanted the check and to leave that fucking place. So I walk down the hallway of the second floor of the "Chinese buffet" and I find a wide room with a little office door on the inside. There are homeless people and rly destitute ppl roaming around that giant room and I have to cross a bunch of them to get to the office door. I find his top hat inside the office and btw he has a monocle idk if I mentioned that earlier anyway there's a sign that says "payment here" and a little tray so I leave my moms credit card on the tray cuz he's supposed to take the payment and let us leave but there's like no sign of him coming back so I walk back out into the large room and some homeless man comes up to me and says some creepy shit in his creepy voice and one of them pushes up a shopping cart with all his stuff in it and says "here for pain or punishment?" And it just scares the fuck outta me and I just wanna go back in to that little office to grab the credit card and run but they all blocked my entrance and also blocked my exit and they all surrounded me and I got really overwhelmed and as I passed out I woke up in real life and I was literally crying