Curing a Girl & running away from a Facility

Date: 10/19/2019

By richilye

I was running away from guards at a facility I do not remember the name. (I also can't recall the beginning to all this and if they were chasing me or because of something I has with me). The facility has light-grey walls and same color for the floor but a little darker, they were probably made out of concrete or metal as some of then had a bit of a reflective shine on them. The facility held people and other stuff inside, most likely for containment or tests. As I was running away, I found a room and went inside, a girl (whose name I can't recall) was lying in bed, I approached her and put a hand or something on her chest and curing her of whatever she had, as the room was barren and had almost no space to hide, I left and went to another room. (Also, the rooms had a big window in front of them so guards and scientists could look inside easily.) I arrived at another room, this one packed with more stuff, such as a desk full of things on top, a bed and a bookcase; there was a girl lying in her bed with covers on top; Her name was Hanako, she is a normal girl, with long dark hair, dark eyes, white skin. (I can't remember if I also cured her of something or not, most likely not.) She tells me that she'll help me hide and I go by her bed and crouch behind the desk. The guards come by and spot me, although they don't want to enter Hanako's room for some reason. She calls me to her bed and hides me under her cover, and keeps hiding me from the guards. The guards were trying to talk to her, but she refused to let them take me, and so they stood at the door trying to convince her until one of them said that the "Headmaster" was coming. The walls of Hanako's room started to move away revealing a big black room with shelves at the end with some boxes on top and a red door at the middle. The red door opens and the Headmaster comes out, a woman with red hair, strong red dress, makeip and big boobs, the moment she showed up I felt a presence of evil and dread and then confirming it by how she looked like. I felt bad and became afraid that she would do something to Hanako, so I decided to let her take me and tell that Hanako gad nothing to do with anything, as I was speaking, a guard rushes by and tell her that I cured the other girl, which lead the woman to become a little thoughtful for a moment. While she was talking to the guards and contemplating that, I snuck behind one of the shelves at the far left end of the room (or right if you're looking from the woman's perspective.) I crouched down and felt alone and was starting to cry for being far away from Hanako, then she puts a hand on my head and pats me saying "everything is fine, I'm still here!", I felt happy at that and got up. She was also wearing a beanie or a flat cap on her had, color was dark green (If I'm not mistaken). Hanako then tells me to go to a pharmacy in a town nearby and get a medicine that would help convince the Headmaster to let me free. As I made my way back to where Hanako's room area was, which had a map of the city, I noticed that alot of people were there. As I opened the map on a table, my dad was suddenly there and told me where to go to get the medicine. As I started walking away to go, I realized I had forgotten the name of the medicine, I asked my dad but he did not know the name, I felt ashamed to go and ask Hanako about it again. As I thought about asking her again but to specify more the name and such, the dream ended as I started walking towards the end of the room again.