Disfigured woman

Date: 4/15/2017

By Unikorn

started with me running away from home trying to hide from daddy(?) for some unknown reason.I went to live in a shack far away from home in a city that resembled Braavos/old city. Then it turned into a slasher movie where a serial murderer was behind me and I was jumping rooftops to escape from him. A faceless man. Kept running until I came into a house filled with dead bodies and dislocated parts of humans and plastic dolls all alike.Then a woman came to me asking me to run away.she was so very beautiful with red hair but completely disfigured. Her breasts were cut off and hanging half way through. I wanted to save her but couldn't as she was too heavy to carry around.She asked me to run away and then the psycho was in the room. and I finally woke up.