The insect who reincarnated into my grandma

Date: 2/18/2019

By rettiaj

There was a huge insect in my living room and I hit it twice with my broom in order to kill it. It stood agonising under a chair for two days before dying. One day, as I sat at the table in the living room with my cousin Simone, I saw the corpse of the insect quiver and turn into a beautiful black and orange fox. “I’ve become blind since the day you hit me” the fox told me. I was very surprised and sorry for the fox, but I still took my broom out and prepared to attack. I managed to hit the fox twice before I started crying and called my mother for help. I explained her the situation and she said that I shouldn’t be afraid of the fox as it had already forgiven me. Then, the fox appeared again and started running towards me. It jumped onto my lap like a dog and I started petting it. I was so happy. I said “sorry” to the fox for having hit it and it smiled, revealing human teeth. Then its fur started to turn white and curly and its face white and wrinkled like that of an old lady. Its eyes were black and motionless, but the rest of it was incredibly similar to my grandmother.