Day 4 (A dream in a dream)

Date: 2/18/2017

By Mauricio

I don't know exactly how it started, only i knew that I was in a mall with my brother, he was seeing some underwear and then i remember that i fall asleep so i realize that i was in a dream, but i was wearing a glasses that were supposed to keep me lucid, but is known that dreams usually are seen kind of blurry or with a distorted image, when i take the glasses off, i feel in a total reality (but knowing that was a dream), the first thing that i did was find a mirror and i saw myself same as now, but when i open my mouth my upper teeth were broken, with some shaped as a jaw but they were easy to broke, i didn't had the lower teeth. Then in a crazy moment i start to hit the glass saying that I was about to wake (i always wake up when i realize that is a lucid dream) but i didn't wake up. My brother was having a trouble in the store so i left, then i saw myself with a older guy and my ex, but she was somehow different, was a different girl but i know she was my ex. We walk trying to find a store but then we realize that the mall was in the middle of a wasteland and we run, we take a cab and then I saw a familiar place from past dreams (a restaurant in a desolated corner in the middle of the dessert) in all that moment i was lucid, then suddenly i cut the sides of my hair and i was laughing in the back of a abandoned place, then i saw to the horizon and i feel that I was about to die, then i start to empty plastic bottles of water and coke, then i said, well if I'm in a dream then i wish to fly, then suddenly i wake up (IN ANOTHER DREAM) but this one was not lucid. This new dream was in the same wasteland but i was in a house and i walk towards the backyard telling my mom about the dream so i find a mirror and see my teeth, they were perfectly fine. But the hair was cut as in the dream, i fixed and i look somehow older and taller and i was wearing a basketball shirt with the number 8 i turn around and look to a calendar but i didn't read any number, i thought that i waked up already and went to the bathroom of my house in this wasteland (combine the desserts of mad max with the war scenarios of an end of the world) then suddenly i woke up (for real)