Theatre Rush

Date: 7/2/2017

By knh2002

I am in my old house I recently moved out of, and preparing to see a movie at the nearby theatre while my family is waiting in the car outside. I walk out the door, ready to see a movie, and see that they have left already. In my bright pink and white swimsuit, I decide to run down the neighborhood to the movie theatre, which is just down the block, with no phone or money. On my way I run into a Canadian-Indian festival containing an extremely and surprisingly difficult obstacle course populated with small children, but it is less of an obstacle course than it is just a pile of slippery tarps to climb over mountainous territory. As I struggle through the course, people continue to scream at me in a language sounding of a French/Hindi hybrid, and when I finally approach the end of the course, an English speaker angrily consults me about both doing the course incorrectly and how I will be paying for my participation in the race. Having no money and a place to be, I tell her I must leave. She then repeats that I need to pay, so I tell her I have to go and I run to the intersection and cross just as the light turns red, nearly getting smushed by a semi-truck, but escaping the presence of a pesky money seeker. Expecting to arrive at the theatre, I find myself in the back of a super target, where the trucks unload, and make my way through the store, very confused. I finally wander into the movie theater, where I see my family and two random colleagues of mine, one with their head shaved.