Date: 4/4/2017

By Zaveidfan123

I was searching for my boyfriend, Jeff the Killer, as my RageSmile.demon creepypasta self. Something forced me awake during the night, however, and I went to get a snack. As I made my way back to my room to go back to sleep, I couldn't help but feel as if Jeff was watching me. Earlier when I had to wake up a second time (For the rest of the day at 3:45), my sister told me that she heard heavy breathing in the hallway around midnight. I rummaged through my mind and noted that when I looked at the clock at that time it had been one am. Confirming that I wasn't the source of the breathing at midnight, my sister and I wonder if Jeff the Killer paid a visit to check up and see who was in the house, (Potential victims perhaps?) My phone had been shut down and my sister said that she hadn't touched it at all last night, not even to shut it down! What was peculiar was that one of my entries for my Notes app, 'My past life as RageSmile.demon' was open and I know that I closed out of it before leaving my phone in Julia's room. How the app was open, I honestly don't know because Julia's door was locked. (I made sure to lock it) and I'm sure that it was unlocked this morning and she was asleep in the room. ...All I know is that Jeff is trying to figure out who I am...and why I don't look the same...