Weird creepy stuff

Date: 1/28/2017

By Jinxx

Idk I had a weird dream that sorta seemed like a nightmare but I wasn't scared? I can't even describe it well, I guess it was sorta like Silent Hill and like the normal and fantasy world were intertwined, but it was a really scary place, like blood and gore all over the walls and everyone around me just went batshit crazy and looked gross with their misshapen bodies and blood all over them, and some of them were trying to kill me, some were forcing me into doing some weird shit and then there was a group of people in this sorta bar and they didn't even seem to notice there was something wrong and just kept drinking? Like at first I was at my grandma's (not my grandma irl, she was just some crazy old lady and apparently my dream grandma) and she was super strict so I kept hiding from her when I used my computer because she wouldn't let me play games and then I walked up to her and she did something, don't remember what, and I stabbed her and ran away. Then I met this guy, who was apparently the love of my life, but this world also made him crazy and like one side of his face seemed somehow... liquidy? And one of his eyes was hanging from his sockets and he was just like "Lian, you gotta do this and that otherwise I'll kill you" and I kept doing what he asked me to, there was even this bizarre tower of Hanoi game, but instead of the disks there were actual human hands, but there was one missing and he was like "oh look, your hand is just the right size, why don't you cut it off and use it" and I was like fuck no and stabbed him in the head and ran out of the room into this hallway, but then I was suddenly standing outside on this short staircase and was watching my classmate who stood in the street and she grinned when this woman started running to her and hugged her. But this woman was like 9 feet tall+wearing heels and just sorta creepy. She left then and my classmate turned and just stared at me with empty eyes, so I left and found myself back in that hallway and that guy I stabbed was walking towards me with a large grin on his torn up face and the knife sticking out of his head and he pinned me to the wall and wanted to kiss me so I grabbed the knife and yanked it down and it just passed through his head like it was butter, but he was still standing there and just staring at me so I slipped away and ran to this door and went into that bar. Everyone turned to look at me before going back to their drinks and as I approached I realized they weren't even drinking alcohol. I guess the best way to describe it would be smoothies made from human organs? There was this guy using intestines instead of a straw to drink, and another had a piece of brain on top of his glass, you know like that strawberry you get when ordering a certain cocktail, and he picked it up and started nibbling on it and I just stared at them for a while before the bartender called me over and he didn't even have eyes, he just stared at me with empty sockets before simply saying "the closet" and I was like okay and went to this closet next to the counter and found a weird pendant inside, it was like one smaller circle inside a bigger one, so I turned the smaller one and this wave of power slammed out of the pendant and as I turned to look around I noticed everything was turning back to normal, like the blood and gore was peeling off the wallpapers and the weird things those people had growing on them were just falling off and the drinks turned into normal cocktails and I was just really relieved, but then they all turned to me and started shouting things like "What have you done?" and "Oh my god, I can't believe he actually touched the pendant!" Idk, I woke up then but it was really weird.