Aliens and chicken strips (I don’t know when I had this dream)

Date: 9/3/2019

By michietheartist

I had a dream I was looking up at the sky and saw a flying saucer 🛸. I watched it fall down / land behind my neighbor’s house. So I went through their yard and went to hop over the fence. As I was asking his I ran into my neighbor Becky who was climbing over the opposite side of the fence. I asked her if I could go through her house and she was like yeah sure go Wild. So I snuck into heir house and had to be very quiet. However, I wasn’t very good at being stealthy and was like turning all of the lights. That’s when Becky’s parents care down and caught me. But I pretended like I was running away from home but said that I’d be coming back soon and they were so nice to me and gave me chicken strips. I also then realized that I didn’t have pants on so Becky gave me some of her underwear and pants. Then I was off and I saw the alien spacecraft bc of how close I was to he ship and I think I saw an alien but I woke up.