I get murdered and watch all my friends die :)

Date: 2/16/2019

By puspusx

We were all around a dinner table and there was a dead corpse hanging at the other table we had just defeated his spirit or something we all sat down and started talking I didn’t have a place to sit so this really nice lady offered her lap to me I sat and we started talking and she was asking so many questions until someone mentioned that that girl never used to like me why was she interested now and then all of a sudden the real face of the person showed it looked like death itself and it turned to a he. He said some shit like you thought u got away you’ll never get away in a demonic ass voice he grabbed me and started choking me the person across from us also revealed their true face ( also demon thingy) the second person started eating everyone’s face and the first demon thing went to slit my throat and whispered “forever don’t forget “ like a fucking chant and i woke up