Date: 8/9/2019

By AzuraRosethorn

I'm walking into my school gate. For some reason, I didn't come on the school bus so I entered. PS for some reason the dream had a black and white filter, so it made it creepier. I only notice anything first, and then my dream cuts to me standing on the top floor of one of the school buildings. Then I see this humanoid figure. It was completely white, and had enlarged arms and legs. It was dashing towards my building and I don't move for some reason. Then I see another figure, much more bulky also dashing towards my building, but slower. Then I dash super fast and jump to the edge and do some stuff to get back down. These monsters start to chase me and I also dash for my life. I get to the school ground and when I glance back, both of the figures merge into a grey coloured figure which is bulky and fast. I almost reach the gate and then the being grabs me. And I wake up. 🙁