Coastal biking

Date: 7/24/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm sitting in the middle of an intersection, it's one right by my university. I'm laying on my stomach, with my janky old slide phone up to my ear. I'm calling one of those automated customer service things to cancel a subscription or something of the like. It's gets to the point where I have to punch in a code which is like "1&2^4A" or something close to that. Except every time I do, my finger hits something else by accident and then I have to listen to it's whole stupid thing over again. I'm getting really frustrated, and my brother is laughing, finding it amusing. Then I'm in a convertible, driving down that same road. I'm dressed as and acting like one of those stereotypical "rich white girls" that are always in movies, where I've got my giant sunglasses and blonde hair and the pink lipgloss, blaring awful music, the whole nine yards. The other drivers give me dirty looks, but I ignore "the haters". For whatever reason, I keep crawling all around this car (while driving) trying to catch my theology textbook, afraid it's going to fly out. I drive past the Walmart on this road, and give up trying to grab the book. I see the car in front of me stop for the stoplight, and I know I should slow down. I'm going far too fast on this road as it is, and I'm soon going to slam into them. In my head I'm slamming on the brakes, but I can't make my body do the same. I'm barreling towards them and I can't do anything about it. I can see the driver in front of me, and can tell he sees me too. Just as I'm about to slam into them, they peel away, the light just barely turning green. The old man driving waves back at me and I try to mouth to him how grateful I am. He must've known I couldn't stop. Now I'm on a different road, there's a cliff/mountain rising up on one side, and the ocean on the other. I'm also no longer in the convertible, but I'm on a bike. I've got a huge backpack on, and I know I'm headed for a retreat sort of thing on one of the nearby islands. Everything has a very Pacific Northwest coastal feel. There's a building up ahead, where I'm supposed to meet with everyone else and get on the boat. I pedal faster. I know I'm running late, and I can't miss my boat. I arrive at the building. It's made of old, weathered wood, with the white paint chipping off and flaking everywhere. It's built on stilts out over the water. Except that to get to the part where I can board the boat, I have to climb up this huge incline that looks like an old time roller coaster track but much wider. There are some other people there too, one of them is my friend from school (she was in my dream about three days ago too, which is weird. We aren't super close or anything and I haven't talked to her in a few months). They're all trying to get up this giant slope too. My friend is in a big SUV type car and guns it towards the slope. At a certain point, you have to practically climb straight up, so she doesn't get very far before she has to back down, otherwise she would flip the car. For some reason this gives me the genius idea to try biking up it. I get a good running start, and then pedal as hard as I can. The wood is quite rotted in places, and there are numerous holes where you can see through to the water below. About halfway up, my front tires start tipping backwards off the wood. I'm about to flip over, and I don't want to fall. I jump off the bike, and cling to what is essentially a vertical wall at this point because it's so steep. I used the rotted holes as hand holds, and work my way up. My giant backpack is trying to pull me down, but I'm determined to get to the top. Eventually, I do, and there are a bunch of people waiting there to greet me. I think they were friends from rl, but I don't know who they were. There's a guy who is working there, but also going on the retreat, so he comes over to see how I'm doing. I'm pretty bummed about my bike getting smashed down below, but I'm happy I made it--and I wasn't late! He takes a look at my backpack and raises an eyebrow. "That's all you brought? For a week on an island?" "Don't judge me! I've never been here before." I say. "I'll do what I want, thank you very much!"