Extremely Weird Harry Potter Dream

Date: 3/19/2017

By xXScarclawXx

Okay, so, this dream was in Harry Potter's point of view. I was getting on the Hogwarts Express (which was a plane with compartments) and was crowded in with Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville, and Ginny. We were flying, then stopped at a building for a bathroom break. I looked out the plane window and saw Hagrid, yelling at a GRIFFIN. "You aren't Harry's father! I raised him like a son!" Hagrid was yelling. The griffin just looked annoyed. I had a flashback of Hagrid taking me to a baseball game, I think. Then we flew off again. This part is really weird. Hermione walked in and asked, "Has anyone seen a toad?" (Even though Hermione was sitting with us- there were two of them). We all said "No." Then Hermione2 said, "What are your names?" Hermione1 said, "Hermione Granger." I forgot my name so I just yelled, "Anthony Granger!" (?) Nobody really cared. Then time-skip! The plane landed in an airport. Hagrid was there again, along with the griffin. "He's my son!" Hagrid yelled, and they started beating each other up. All of a sudden I was not Harry, but me, and I was just doing my hair and patiently waiting for them to stop. Then I woke up 😑 One of my weirdest dreams