Date: 2/6/2017

By GinaRibbons

I can't pin point why I feel like this, I don't think I've done anything wrong but it hurt me when I woke up. Seen as lady gaga performed last night at the SB, I dreamt that we was holding a 3 day gig at the SU, so everyone who I've worked with on festivals was there helping set up everything, I was bar staff and a collective runner. So I was helping out everywhere. Okay so at one point I was asked to help lady gaga which I never met before and it. Was somehow amazing for a dream. But I was helping her and we talked and the last question I asked her which I was dying to to know was 'what does the song 'come to mama', mean or relate to?' She just smiled and walked away, next minute I had Emily on my back saying that I should be working and she was intimidating me to hell. Soon as I peeked up saying I was she started barking on about how I've only got a 2:2 and I've got to work harder, this is when she's setting up sound systems and tech with Sami and jack. I just didn't get why she purposefully bark at me for no reason, I felt alone in a room full of people who I knew and cared about. I woke up not long after, that dream hurt me .