At a giant hotel/college for a moral test (idek); also some random friend issues

Date: 5/25/2019

By ooflla

My memory or actually dreaming it is like I poorly skimmed the pages for what happened.... Can’t tell if I watched the movie in my dream that was earlier dream I experienced, or if I watched the dream movie and then was part of it as a character not just watching it. The movie was about different people being called to this hotel place to be idk tested in a big way like not just a test you would take in school or something, but a moral test kinda. Idk/I don’t remember what it was testing tho. They/we had been called mentally I think by this main dude doing the test. I can’t remember more after that like what happened in the test lol. It’s very hard for me to remember my long dreams in chronological order and not just end up forgetting it all in the process. It’s also difficult bc I tend to just remember the feeling and aesthetic of the dream, and not as much of what happened. And the feeling/aesthetic doesn’t really have a name or word to actually describe it with. I know at some point I was “awake” and looked at my hands and had 6 fingers on 1 hand but counted again and it was 5. I can’t even remember what happened in it, but I remember later realizing in my dream... wait or maybe I woke up later... and realized I was dreaming that and it was lucid. ?? Or if it’s possible to dream that you think you’re in a lucid dream maybe that happened? Idefk. So what happened in the dream........ Ok, it’s not the beginning, but I think a pretty later part of it: I was at this giant hotel I think that was maybe game show/maybe idk a test of something that my mind was making up. Wait maybe I was in college...shit.... I was with Eleanor at a table and she had a friend come up to her, then another friend come up and see her, and I maybe moved over a little and talked to this younger boy kid who maybe was the brother of someone? and he said something like “wow, she’s saying that right within your earshot” as she (or maybe it was one of her new friends) said something mean and judgy about me. That part kinda ends there. Next part Katie and I were at...idek it’s like a maze, but not literally, just weird to remember with logic, but it’s still within the hotel place or whatever. I had made friends (I think) with this guy named something like Oliver and we had both been coming to this place. At some point we were in a group and were on a playground I think sharing snacks. I threw my shoes/a snack (idk which) at Oliver (will later explain who) and he didn’t catch them and someone else was like “dude! He can’t hear/see (apparently I couldn’t decide which as I made this up) out of one ear/eye– you gotta be careful”. Later I had met up with Katie and she seemed to be making friends with him better. Later on, it kept seeming like he wouldn’t look at me, wouldn’t acknowledge me, and I was getting sadder knowing that Katie and him were better friends and then kinda just dumped me partially it seemed. I think more dream happened after this (or I just replayed it) but I can’t remember.