this dream was kinda cool

Date: 3/18/2017

By ZombiAvocado

I went to the hospital to give my uncle his security guard stuff. I wasn't really dressed tho and had on my pajamas so I changed in the diddle of the parking lot. then I found a few grenades on the ground. I went to give them to my uncle but he had already gone inside the hospital. then I saw my dad and I showed him the grenades, and for some reason my dog was with me too and she had a muzzle dad and I put a grenade in a barrel of water and watched it explode in the parking lot, I was kinda mad that I brought my dog with me and tried to dump her off on my dad but it didn't work. then I saw my aunt and my grandma who passed away in an elevator. so i went with them cause I thought my aunt could drop me off at home later. I think I woke up but fell back asleep. but I was with my cousin and my dad watching a movie. it was like a Halloween movie with glowing dancing green skeletons except it actually became real. we tried to escape. I ended up finding ruins with a giant lion playing with its giant cub. it was huge. then I somehow ended up in a the garage of a house with my boyfriend and my dad still trying escape. the lion was back except it was the size of my dog (belgian malinois) and golden and I helped us figure out how to open the garage door. and we got into a van and drove away. the lion thing didn't wanna get in but it seemed to change its mind and followed us down the street. it was raining and my dad dint have much control over the car and we were spinning alot and almost hit a few houses. I got mad cause I wanted to let the lion thing in cause it was still chasing us but my dad didn't know how to stop the car and kept driving then I woke up.