20 year old girl dating 14 year old boy

Date: 4/21/2019

By levinelover

There was a girl who was 20 years old, and was at her school that was also mixed with a high school. It was the first day of a new year and there were lots of new niners. She walked through the hallway and saw all the young and fresh faces running around. She only saw niner boys. A few of the new niner boys went up to her and began energetically talking. She talked to them about how they liked the school etc. She noticed one of them despite being younger was pretty attractive. They wanted to date, so they became a couple. She brought him home with to hangout when school was over and told her brother ((WHO WAS MICHAEL LEVINE (Adam Levine’s brother)) that she found a new boyfriend who was a niner. He said that was fine a lot of 14 year olds look older. Then he took a look at the boyfriend, who was super short and skinny, literally looking like a kid. Michael said “okay there’s no excuses, boys don’t come more childlike then this, it’s pretty pedophilic”. She laughed and shrugged. She sat down at the long table next to her brother and the boyfriend sat next to her. Her dad who was an Indian business man with a moustache came into the room and have her cough medication, I think she was a little sick. The cough medicine made her reallyy really high. She got disoriented and woozy. As she was acting high her new boyfriend observed her face. She had a very badass sexy look. She was brown and had a very thin almost camel-like face, sharp features, dark eyeliner all around her eyes and waterline and long mascara. The eyeliner was what made her look so sexy and badass. He wondered if she’d still be hot without makeup. He knew it didn’t really matter, he was in grade 9 and the fact that she was so sexy he knew he was lucky to be dating her and couldn’t do any better. A business woman who was talking to her dad wanted to also to also interview her. The girl wanted a job with that woman. The woman sat in front of her and asked about how she did some business thing. The girl never did that, and high as fuck she tried to come up with some sort of answer or excuse. She just stumbled some words and couldn’t come up with anything. Her dad was supposed to train her what to say. She told told the interviewer, she was feeling really sick and wasn’t thinking straight, so to just ask her dad and he’ll answer for her. The kid threw something at the brother to be playful and looked out the window when the brother looked around to see who threw it. Then where was a makeover zone, with jeffree star.